2021–2022, The Era of Knowledgable Traders, Will ANDX be at the top of their list?

Do you remember the 2018 Bitcoin rally? If yes, you might be surely aware of the steep crash too!

What do you think, what made the traders just let-off their holdings within no time that resulted in a huge price slash?

Extraction of profit is the main reason but less knowledge of the market without deep insights played a major role. The traders just went with the follow without any research and hence Bitcoin fell to rock bottom levels.

On the contrary, in the new era, traders have gained vast knowledge about the market and are well-versed with the pumps and dumps. Therefore the traders of the new generation would invest in projects with advanced technology and attractive benefits.

This article is all about one such token called ANDX which can become one of the favorites of the traders and grab the top position in their portfolio.

ANDX Defi for the Next-Gen Traders

ANDX is an ERC-20 token bought to you by Arrano Network, a decentralized exchange which works for the betterment for the crypto community. The promising projects and their future roadmap may attract the next-gen traders.

Arrano network is developed with strong fundamentals and attractive features which has managed to gather more than 100,000 user base in just 4 weeks of its launch. ANDX token has also become very popular among the millennials and currently has become the talk of the town.

The most lucrative part of Arrano Network is it works as a search engine and finds the best deal by comparing the other platforms too. Interesting right!

Other than this, they provide premium memberships, voting rights, etc the DEX provides many other additional benefits too. Moreover, the limited supply of ANDX token which is only 81,800 is the core of the project.

ANDX Pre-sale Shortly!

ANDX token is available for purchase through a pre-sale which is scheduled on 14th December 2020 and will last till 16th December 2020.

The hard-cap of the pre-sale is 60% of the maximum supply, which comes to 49,080 tokens. The sale will be on first-cum-first-serve basis and all the verified Arrano account holders are eligible to participate in the pre-sale.

The pre-sale is scheduled for 3 days in 3 different phases

  • Phase 1 is scheduled for December 14. In the first phase, 10% of the hard cap or 8180 tokens are offered for 0.12 ETH.
  • Phase 2 is scheduled for December 15, where-in 20% of the hard cap or 16360 tokens are offered for 0.15 ETH
  • Phase 3 is scheduled for December 16, where-in 30% of the hard cap or 24540 tokens are offered for 0.2 ETH.

If in case, the hard cap of the pre-sale is not reached, the duration of the sale may also be extended.

Useful Link

To Participate and Know more: https://arrano.network/ANDX-sale

Official Links

Twitter : https://twitter.com/arranonetwork
Telegram : https://t.me/arranonetwork
Medium : https://medium.com/@Arrano
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/ArranoNetwork

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