Arrano Network a Blended ecosystem of DEX, Tokens, and much more

How if I tell you as in any other supermarket, you can get access to multiple products on a single platform? Would you prefer such platforms?

Obviously yes!

Also, the next-gen traders also prefer all in one place.

Why an integrated platform is the hottest trend?

A platform offering multiple services is always preferred over maintaining numerous platform. For example, consider Binance, it is one of th top centralized exchange, also runs a decentralized exchange, has its own native token, etc and much more.

Also, Uniswap protocol which has a decentralized exchange and also it’s native token UNI to fund the ecosystem. Uniswap exchange has gained immense popularity and dominates nearly 50 percent of the DeFi space.

Therefore, considering the above examples, one thing is crystal clear, traders prefer the all-in-one concept. And the upcoming ecosystems that follow this module will surely be successful with an immense user base.

Arrano Network the Upcoming Drift in the DEX world

The year 2021 will set new milestones for the DeFi space as traders have become more smart and educated. To meet up the expectations of the traders, Arrano Network has developed to offer a blend of DEX, DeFi and many other attractive products intended to develop the crypto space.

At the initial level, Arrano DEX is all set to launch its new DeFi token ANDX, pre-sale will be held shortly. The amazing part of ANDX is its limited supply, which is only 81,800. Moreover, only 60% that’s 49,080 tokens are available for the Pre-sale which will be held on 14 December 2020.

Other than DeFi token, Arrano Network consists of a decentralized exchange, P2P fiat exchange, Arrano Launchpad, a funding platform for start-ups and Arrano Network’s native token ANO.

How do I get my ANDX token?

The pre-sale is scheduled for 3 days in 3 different phases

  • Phase 1 is scheduled for December 14. In the first phase, 10% of the hard cap or 8180 tokens are offered for 0.12 ETH.

The pre-sale is for the verified Arrano account holders and is a first-come-first-serve basis. If the hard cap of 49,080 tokens is not reached in these three days, the sale may be extended.

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