CryptX Wallet — One of the Easiest and Most Secure Wallets Available for Operational Use

Accessible via a simple web UI or its powerful API, CryptX is an ideal solution for businesses that accept multiple cryptocurrencies and seek to maintain liquidity while managing their volatility risks.

CryptX began operations in 2018, and its first customers were crypto ATM operators seeking to lower transaction costs. CryptX manages this by using the more efficient Bech32 address format. Another key feature of CryptX is its ability to create rule sets that trigger auto-swaps between volatile cryptos and stable coins.

In 2020, CryptX released its API and is now built into General Bytes, Genesis Coin, and other popular crypto ATM kiosks as a wallet option, making it even easier to set up and use. Crypto casinos, gaming businesses, and e-commerce ventures are also using CryptX and directly integrating it into their payment applications.

CryptX CEO, George Gvazava, is a leading financial expert who advises and lectures at universities in France and Georgia. He was named by Forbes Georgia in their “30 under 30 — Finance” feature this year and recently spoke at the IMTC conference on Cryptocurrencies in a Modern World.



CryptXWallet : Anyone can set up a free account at — only a functional e-mail address is required.


– Feature-rich API

– Keys are stored in Swiss-based HSMs and 2FA can be enabled by default for every transaction — Supports over 100 coins

– Customer support is fast and available 24×7

– Dedicated account manager and customized fee structure available

– Daily/Weekly/Monthly detailed financial reports in PDF or Excel formats


How to create a CryptX Wallet account

Step 2. Enter a first & last name, your e-mail address, and a password

Step 3. Check the box to agree with the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, and whether to receive e mail updates & news from us

Step 4. Click Sign Up

Step 5. Verify your e-mail address with the link sent to you.

recover your CryptX Wallet password with Following steps

Step 2. A password reset link will be e-mailed to you

How to send crypto assets using CryptX Wallet

Step 3. Fill in the form with the address, amount, and description

Step 4. Indicate whether to include the fee in that amount, and what at speed to send the funds Step 5. Click Send

Steps to receive crypto assets using CryptX Wallet

Step 3. Copy the wallet address or QR code you wish to use or create a new address for the sender

Supported coins:




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