Why Should I buy ANDX DeFi token?

The decentralized world was basically built to address the issues with the centralized exchanges and the traditional financial ecosystem. Within the Defi space, brilliant minds come up with new promising & lucrative projects every new day.

One such project that could deliver real outcomes in the coming days is the ANDX DeFi tokens. ANDX is the native token of Arrano Decentralized Exchange which will be available for a pre-sale shortly.

But, out of numerous projects that are already existing, and many yet to come, what makes ANDX token to stand apart from the crowd?

Or one might encounter the simple question, Why should I invest in ANDX token?

Let us find a suitable answer and understand this.

ANDX, Promising token in 2021

Arrano Network, the ecosystem that works for the development of the crypto community rolled out its decentralized exchange recently. It has also launched a DeFi token termed as ANDX which is all set to get featured in a pre-sale shortly.

The prime focus of the project lies on its fundamentals and the benefits the platform provides for its community. The DEX makes the holder’s tasks of finding the best deal very easy. The DEX platform compares the deals with the other platforms and offers the best and the lowest deal.

And many other such new and attractive features offered to ANDX holders will make the token stand apart from the crowd.

Where Can I Purchase ANDX DeFi Token

The unique feature of ANDX token is it’s a limited supply which is only 81,800 tokens and out of which only 40% or 49,080 ANDX tokens can be bought through a pre-sale which is scheduled on 14th December 2020.

The sale is for the verified Arrano account holders through the first-come-first-serve basis till the upper limit of the tokens or the hard cap is reached.

The sale would last for 3 days in three different phases with different price slabs.

  • Phase 1 is scheduled for December 14. In the first phase, 10% of the hard cap or 8180 tokens are offered for 0.12 ETH.
  • Phase 2 is scheduled for December 15, where-in 20% of the hard cap or 16360 tokens are offered for 0.15 ETH
  • Phase 3 is scheduled for December 16, where-in 30% of the hard cap or 24540 tokens are offered for 0.2 ETH.

The ETH address gateway will be displayed on the official website once the sale begins and the user can get his/her token once the sale is completed. All the ANDX holders will automatically be enrolled to the Premium Community and will be awarded the voting authority in making Arrano Network Development decisions.

The year 2021 is looked upon as great year for the cryptocurrencies, especially the DeFi space. Therefore investing in promising DeFi projects like ANDX will always be a good choice.

Useful Link

To Participate and Know more: https://arrano.network/ANDX-sale

Official Links

Twitter : https://twitter.com/arranonetwork
Telegram : https://t.me/arranonetwork
Medium : https://medium.com/@Arrano
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/ArranoNetwork

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