Will LTC Price Have $500 On-Cards for 2021?

Litecoin is one of the oldest and most primitive cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin which was founded way back in 2011. The digital asset which was a tough competitor to Bitcoin always secured its place within the top 10 cryptocurrency list, with respect to Market capitalization. But how far will the bulls run for Litecoin? Presenting to you, Litecoin price prediction for 2021 and beyond!

Interestingly, the founder of Litecoin announced the project on a popular Bitcoin forum and termed it as a ‘Lite version of bitcoin’. And hence share similar features as the most dominant crypto. However, this altcoin owes to bypass limiting factors like lower mining and transaction speed. Will LTC price manage to poise these aspects with its bottom line adhering to an inexpensive currency?

To make your Litecoin trading journey easier, we have amassed a guide to the working and future forecast of Litecoin price.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2021

With a trading value of $132.32, Litecoin Price resumed in the year 2021. On a bullish note, the coin dramatically started to escalate. By the mid of February, the price surpassed $200, and further keeping the uptrend intact, the price reached the yearly highs at $335. LTC price plunged heavily following the May 19 Market crash.

With the PoW controversies, Litecoin’s price fell from $210.94 to $180.54, in a single day! Further, the coin plunged and deviated from the $200 juncture. And since then the price remained low-key and initiated to form lower lows, hitting as low as $120.

Litecoin is all set to offer an additional layer of security against viruses and trojan horses, making itself a reliable option. On this note, if the network progresses with security layers, the LTC price may spike and hit $323.56 by the year-end.

On the downside, many critics and investors are still doubting the future potential of this altcoin, despite being in space for many years. Hitting such a string, FUD can cause Litecoin price to collapse and hit lows at $154.32.

With an uptrend, the LTC price would lead near to $500 by the year’s end. If average buy, sell happens then the price may end up reaching $248.48 would be achievable.

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Litecoin Price Prediction 2022

With a bullish kick-start, the 2022 trade might start bullish above $468.470. On the other hand, if a bearish trap engulfs, then the 2022 trade might resume at a similar trend at $148.205.

Undeniably Litecoin has not fallen into a volatility trap in these seven years, proving to be a stable currency. The coin has an impressive price though it promises a cheap user experience! Thus, if LTC manages to maintain its stability coupled with upgrades from the network, it can touch a potential high at $712.75 by the end of 2022.

In contrast to this, if the currency does not get hype among the investors despite being in the market for a long time, its pros can become nullified. If this occurs, then the LTC price can quickly switch bearish and fall to $314.67. However, with regular buy and sell pressures, the average price for 2022 shall strike at $467.

5 Years Litecoin Price Prediction

Its current price range can attract many traders, as it is feasible when compared to Bitcoin in all possible aspects. Further, if the network succeeds in lowering the block time, it can even move heads on with Bitcoin. Therefore, with major collaborations with financial institutions, Litecoin can soar up to $1000.74 if the above set conditions are met.

However, anxiety regarding the Crypto ban in China and new regulations persist among LTC users. If the market experiences a similar crash in the coming years, Litecoin’s price can wipe down greatly to $327.06. But considering that long-term investors will stick to the currency, the average price at which LTC might trade by the end of the next five years is $580.84.



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